The Dog Daze are Here!

The newest adventure for Mutant Epoch, DOG DAZE, has just recently been published. You can find it at

This is a massive solo adventure, written in the “choose your own adventure” style designed for a single player using 1 or 2 beginning characters.

Unfortunately, I can’t review it because I wanna play it too. I’m extremely eager to play it… I haven’t played Mutant Epoch in a very long time, and then only once, because I’m never near anyone else who wants to play. I haven’t had my own group in at least three years if not more.

But that’s a ME problem. Back to the adventure: Just like everything else William McAusland puts out, the art is fantastic. I’ve skimmed through the adventure just to see some of the art (which can be spoilers, so be careful). There is also included at the back some new creatures, new relics, and new maps, all of which are beautifully illustrated.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: if you’re a fan of Post Apocalyptic RPGs, The Mutant Epoch is THE game for you. Solid, useable mechanics, great zany background stuff, and fantastic art.

Go get it! Now!

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