The Kingdom of Metal and Stone – The Dwarves of Millenia

It has only been 100 years since the first of the Dwarven families took steps out of the immortal Mountains into the daylight of the lands of Millenia. In that short time, they have encountered beasts and monsters never before seen by their wise sages and keepers of Dwarven lore. As a result, they have built great walls around the upper reaches of those mountains which guard the few entrances into the Dwarven homes.

Some small number of scouts and adventurers have gone forth and down the mountainside to explore this new land and have met the Elf forest lords and the first Human settlers. Trade has been established with these new races for items and food that the Dwarves do not have access to inside their cultural Mountain home, such as fresh vegetables, salt-water fish, and beef. A caravan of Dwarven artisans and merchants have also ventured far to the southeast and have been establishing good relations with the Hin.

These first “Upper Families” have fortunately begun on good terms with most of the new races they have encountered. Even now, there are talks around the Clan-Father’s household of groups of younger families that desire exploration of nearby mountains for the establishment of their own Clans. The future looks bright (literally and figuratively) for the Dwarven clans.

But not all of them. Many of the families who traditionally have supported the notion that Dwarf-kind should stay underground, claim that Dwarves should in fact build new passages to nearby mountain ranges instead of traveling overland. Families such as the Duergar household feel that the upper lands spell doom for the future of the Dwarves, and tensions are beginning to stress relations between families who support expansion above ground and those who speak out against the Sun.

Interest currently runs high in the Clan-Father’s families in the abandoned Giant ruins found scattered all over the land. The stone work and workmanship of these ruins seems to be on par with some of the greatest Dwarven craftsmen and women, even though it has been abandoned for what must be thousands of years.

Oddly enough, even though initial contact between the Dwarves and the Elves that rule the vast forests was friendly, and many good friends were made in those early days, the Dwarves are finding themselves siding in small ways with the Ebon skinned Elven cousins, as the Drow find more comfort in the land beneath and are more able to see the Dwarven point of view. There are rumors that recently a member of the Clan-Father’s own guard was dispatched with her Drow companion to explore a Giant fastness at the foot of the First Mountain, and the goodwill between the two, as well as the Drow’s behavior has put the Drow race in a good light (forgive the pun) with the Dwarven king.

The future of the races of Millenia are not set in stone. No one yet knows how these relationships shall develop.

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