The Hin Expanse – Halflings of Millenia

The rolling hills and verdant farmlands of the Hin Expanse stretch as far as the eye can see. Far to the southeast of the western coasts newly settled by Humans, the Hin (or Halflings) of Millenia have farmed here for countless generations. Their own tales tell of ancient Hin who were placed here by The Goddess (just The Goddess, she has no agreed upon name) to care for the land. They build their homes from wood and thatch, with houses being built underground or into the sides of hills uncommon but not unheard of. They use husky, powerful farm horses the size of what a Human would consider a pony, yet are as strong as a warhorse.

The Hin Expanse is bordered on three sides by the vast old-growth forests of the Elves, and on the fourth side by an as-of-yet unexplored ocean. Relations with the Elves are surprisingly cordial and solid. The Hin take no timber from the forests without agreement by the Elves, but the Elven kingdoms are quick to comply with the Hin requests because they see how the Hin care for their land. They demonstrate a love for the irrigated lands that rivals how the Elves see their own forests. The Hin farmlands also help protect the forests from erosion, and the food the small people grow in abundance is fairly traded to the Elven peoples.

Music, dancing, singing, and feasting are the lifeblood of the Hin, and some of their most important holiday celebrations are attended by thousands. Here is where the townships spread far and wide across the Expanse meet regularly to reinforce relations and to let their young people mix with other families. These celebrations have been known to be visited by the Elves and Gnomes, and some of the very first Dwarves to step out into the sun have been seen fostering good relations with the Hin; there has recently even been the first ever seen Dwarven market stall set up in a Hin celebration.

The Hin of Millenia are not seen as the short, rustic, rubes of modern D&D. They are a powerful source of civilization and dominate their lands. Some great fighters, the leaders and generals of their armies, keep the lands safe and Hin mysticism has bred some powerful Wizards… although far and away most Hin who pursue any type of magical career seek it through The Goddess as Clerics. There is also a large number of Hin Druids; they revere the land as being of The Goddess directly, instead of as a place that she created.

It has been only recently that the first Humans have been encountered by the Hin. They are found to be large and clumsy, but remarkably similar to the Hin physiologically. The passion of the Humans is a new experience for the Hin, but they are already taking to it eagerly. Some mornings if you listen closely, you can hear a Hin farmer whistling or singing a romantic, rousing Human song. As the Hin tend to be a quite a bit reserved when it comes to affairs of the heart, this is an exciting time for Hin poets!

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