It's a great time to be a science-fiction role player. There are so many excellent Sci-Fi games available it's almost hard to choose which one to use. There are “hard sci-fi” types, like Traveller and Star Frontiers, with interstellar travel and alien races, mutant post-apocalyptic games such as Gamma World and Mutant Epoch, future dystopian… Continue reading Cornucopia

Compare and Contrast: The Action Table vs. The Universal Table

After writing my last post about The Action Table!, my mind started bubbling about the particulars of the two different ways of using a similar system as presented in Crypt World and Marvel Superheroes. Just to be clear, I'm talking about the original, FASERIP version of Marvel. FASERIP refers to the first initial of each… Continue reading Compare and Contrast: The Action Table vs. The Universal Table

The Action Table!

There's an “old-school” method of determining success that was used in a few role playing games that works well, but is relatively gone and forgotten nowadays. The Action Table! This system, with variations, was used in the original FASERIP version of Marvel Superheroes by TSR in 1984, Chill by Pacesetter Games also in 1984 (and… Continue reading The Action Table!