What is Project ShadowWatch?

>Taken from Project ShadowWatch program review. This review, and all contents of Project ShadowWatch are marked with the highest security protocols.<

Project ShadowWatch is a UCAS initiative focused on infiltrating and disrupting the “shadow” activities that plague our modern world. Using deep undercover agents, we seek to discover the true “movers and shakers” behind the criminal activity that has been glorified as “shadowrunning”.

Our agents have been recruited young, trained at our best facilities with the very best instructors money can find. They have had extensive cover-stories built using real world resources, and their ability to blend in to the street lifestyle has been tested and perfected.

The United Canadian American States (UCAS) Government is dedicated to finally putting an end to the mostly corporate sponsored terrorism that has grown exponentially since the Shiawase Supreme Court decision in 2001. With no Government to answer to, megacorporations have turned to bloodthirsty pit fighters, using “shadowrunner” hired help, completely deniable assets, to wreak havoc on one another, at the detriment of the public.

Our agents, after completing a rigorous three year training program, have been integrated secretly into the street scene of five major cities; Washington, D.C., Ottowa, Chicago, Boston, and of course we couldn’t ignore the heart and soul of shadowrunning, Seattle. They are being assisted even as you read this with real world “fixers” who have no idea who they’re really working for. Their cover stories are airtight.

Our “shadowrunners” are going to work in a cell structure; that is, they will work independently of our offices, and truly go native on the streets. They will, however, be required to send carefully hidden reports to their field operatives that detail all that they have learned, and more importantly, all upcoming jobs before mission execution. These reports will be digitally sent through SOTA computer programming using advanced worm subroutines that send info to us while seeming to be innocuous Matrix traffic.

With these tools, your Government will roust out the big names in the shadow business, and bring safety and calm to our city streets once again.


All of the above information is to be treated as Prime Bravo security information.

Project ShadowWatch is my attempt at creating a new paradigm for Shadowrun that doesn’t just include crime for cash. PSW can be a way for players to create and play “classic” shadowrunners, but with a higher purpose.  Instead of playing Shadowrunners with the typical mercenary outlook, they get to play Shadowrunners with a purpose, and with a goal of protecting the very corrupt society that Shadowrunners are fighting against!

Players simply create characters as per the rulebook.  What they don’t know is that they are building a “persona” that their character inhabits.  It’s best not to even let the players know they are in ShadowWatch until after they have made their characters.  Once they’re done, tell them that their entire background is just a cover story.  They still get to play the characters they’ve created, but now they work for an organization dedicated to ending this type of crime.

I created Project ShadowWatch because I just got SO TIRED of the same thing happening over and over; too many players use the excuse of being “shadowrunners” to be assholes that can just kill and destroy like they’re in some type of first person shooter.  It’s just like how many players who play evil aligned characters in D&D do it just to be cruel assholes, which always ruins a good game and causes strife between players.  I’m talking to you, Chris.

Now, they have a duty.  Now, they have a responsibility to preserve and protect.

They have to report everything they do and everything they find out.  They’re looking for the movers and shakers in the shadowrunning world.  They are spies playing a dangerous game.

If this interests you, or you just have questions, please feel free to contact me… and especially if you use Project ShadowWatch in your campaign; I’d love to hear how it’s working out!

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