Tabletop Fiction

I’ve been reading the role-playing game Dragon AGE (Adventure Game Engine) by Chris Pramas this morning, preparing to start the big comparison I mentioned in my last post.  Near the beginning of the book (page 6 of the PDF), there’s a page or two describing a conversation between the GM and the players, told as if they are playing the game.  I realized just moments ago that I really enjoy stories told in that fashion.  Wouldn’t it be great if a whole novel was told in that fashion?

You’d read the players reactions, the GM’s descriptions, combat step by step, the whole thing.  It would probably have to be a pretty long book with a lot of pages to cover all the non-story elements, but I’d love it.

There are quite a few “live” role-playing sessions recorded and uploaded to YouTube, but honestly I find most of them rather irritating.  There’s always that one or two guys (usually guys, but sometimes girls, too) that try to ham it up and be the star of the show.  They’re nervous and anxious about being recorded, so they respond by taking the “class clown” thing way too far.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are a handful of truly awesome ones out there to watch.  Critical Role and any of the Matt Colville (yes, I’m a fanboy) live play episodes come to mind.

Back to the topic at hand: written descriptions of in-game play.  Maybe that’s what I’ve been looking for all this time.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully to write stories several dozen times, but they’ve always been in the traditional sci-fi/fantasy format, i.e. just a book told as a narrator.

Thing is… can I?  Am I allowed to?  If I for example wrote such a story format using an RPG that I really love (The Mutant Epoch), isn’t that Outland Arts property?  Would I be violating their copyright?

To avoid that, I’d have to come up with a fictional RPG system.  But if I could do that, I’d finally be the famous game designer I’ve always dreamed of becoming… because of course it would be the most famous RPG ever designed, LOL.

Maybe if I write it and submit it to them?  Maybe I’d just have to get permission to use their system.

Anyway.  I love that style of storytelling, and I’d love to see a whole story told like that.  What do you think?  Would it be weird or boring?  Please take a moment to leave a comment; it would be really appreciated, and I try to respond to anyone who posts.

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