STELLERZ, The Epic NEW Space-Opera Scale Science-Fiction Role Playing Game by Expert Game Designer Tim Schuster!


An Epic New Space Opera Scale Science Fiction Role Playing Game by Expert Game Designer Timothy Schuster!

I’m very pleased to announce the formal release of my newest creation, the Role Playing Game Stellerz, a game of Epic Space-Opera scale and adventure.

With the fastest task resolution system ever devised for a Role Playing Game, STELLERZ will help you create and experience adventures like you’ve never seen before!

My new system is designed to be easy to understand, easy to teach to beginners, and yet can calculate not only if a task is successful can also scale up or down depending on whether you are playing Neanderthals fighting with sticks or Fleets of Galactic Counsel Destroy-Alls.

All you have to do is go to your local gaming store and ask for a set of my newly patented B8 dice. These shouldn’t cost more than about 3 dollars each, and you’ll need a set of 8 of them. B8 dice are small, about the size of the ball in a ball-point pen, perfectly round, identical, with a shiny copper patina.

Whenever your GM asks you to roll, pick up all 8 of your B8 Dice(TM) and drop them on the table. If only 1 through 7 hit the table, you tell the GM that number. If all 8 dice hit the table, you have to then roll my Secondary Utility Dice Set (SUDS, also available at good game stores at about $14 dollars apiece), which is a unique set of 13-sided dice. These are numbered 1-6 twice, with the 13th side being marked with my trademark Crown-And-Sickle symbol. If any of those dice come up with the Crown-And-Sickle symbol, you get to start over with the B8 dice, but this time with only 7.

Keep this Qualified Easy-To-Remember pattern going until the SUDS dice do not come up with any Crown-And-Sickle symbols. At that point, add up the SUDS dice and give that number to your GM. He’ll be able to check on my streamlined, patented, 4-page Memo-Style chart that will tell him easy and quickly if you were successful, and if so by how much.

This game system is destined to turn the industry on it’s ear. Throw all of your current Science Fiction Role Playing Games away, you won’t need them anymore!

Look TODAY at WWW.DiceMechanic.ORG for details on how to order:



P.S. I can’t believe I actually have to point out that this is a joke.  But apparently, I do.

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