Project Shadowwatch

This is not the first time I started a web-page centered around role playing games.  My first effort was  It’s surprisingly still active.  Just because I was curious, I decided to take a look, expecting DOA.  It’s still getting visitors, though.  Almost 20 a day, which for me is astounding.  Unfortunately, I may have to take that site off line or at least move it to a different web hosting service.  I can’t seem to access any of the files and documents that I offered there for community members to download, which was kinda the main purpose of the site.  I wanted somewhere I could put everything I loved about Shadowrun 3 (still the one game that is closest to my heart, even after all these years) and share them with others.

What really frustrates me is the fact that since is a free website service, you cannot access support at all.  You cannot email them, you cannot chat, and you cannot call unless you have a paid subscription.  They don’t even seem to have a support site with basic answers.  I can’t find all the documents I uploaded to share, and I can’t ask anyone how to get them back.  Luckily, I still have all the original documents still saved on my computer, but it makes me upset that since there are still an average of 20 people a day visiting, they cannot use the site at all.

What a waste of time and effort.

So I’ve decided to move on., which hosts this blog, is great for blog websites, but it doesn’t seem all that great for any other type, at least as far as I’ve seen.  I may move on to, or something else if I can find anything better.  Regardless, I’m very happy with how this blog is going, even if no one other than my wife and my best friend even know it exists.  Someday, someone will find this place, and share it, and maybe someday someone will actually enjoy reading what I have to offer.  Or not.

If you like Shadowrun, keep tuned.  If I manage to reincarnate Project Shadowwatch somewhere, I’ll post an announcement here.

UPDATE: Yep, seems dead.  There’s absolutely no customer support.  All of the documents I added to my downloads section are gone, and there’s no place to re-upload them.  What’s worse is WordPress doesn’t seem to have any capability (at least with a free account) to set up a downloads page either.  What do I do now?  I’ve got a lot I’d like to share… and I’m bummed about my other site; I thought it was pretty cool.

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