What Dragons?

I first started playing Dungeons and Dragons, specifically 1st Edition AD&D, with a group of friends in high school in 1979.  That group, that campaign, lasted for almost the full four years of school (five for me; I was a terrible student).

Since then I’ve played with dozens of different groups both as a player and as a Dungeon Master.  I’ve played and run adventures from 1st level hijinks up to my personal highest level of 13.  I’ve seen the mountains of the Forgotten Realms, been aboard a Spell-Jammer ship fighting mind flayers, fought against the draconians of Dragon Lance, and many other worlds and settings.

What’s weird to me about all of this?  In all that time, I’ve only ever encountered a Dragon, and honest to goodness leathery-winged, fire (or other element) spewing, super-intelligent Dragon just one time.  Seriously.  Only once.  And it kicked our collective asses quite handily.  I remember the DM at the time, Steve, really played it up.  This particular Dragon was no joke.

But this is Dungeons and Dragons!  Where are all the blasted Dragons?  Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking, that I’m lucky to have avoided those damn things.  I still want to face off against one someday.

Right now though, my highest level character is an 8th level Druid, and I’ve got no group to play with, so it may be years before the chance comes up again.

Hopefully we win this time.  I’d love the opportunity to go gold coin surfing on its hoard.

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