This is a collection of all the material I had either created or collected for Shadowrun, Third Edition (and a little 5th Edition stuff) and had originally posted on the website Project ShadowWatch (a site).  Unfortunately, that website and host has become, in my opinion, difficult to use with absolutely no support at all, and it seemed like all of my material had disappeared with no way to re-upload it.  Since I’ve had good luck with WordPress, I decided to create this page to make sure all this stuff is still available.  I hope you find this stuff usable or at least enjoyable, and as always I’d appreciate any feedback!

NSRCG – New Shadowrun Character Generator.  This has been around a LONG time but it’s still by far the best, most complete character generator for 3rd Edition every created.  Just unzip the file and click the .exe inside to run the program.  It should still work with modern computers; it runs perfectly on my Windows 10 installation.  Make sure you use a virus checker on it before running, as I am in no way responsible for anything that happens to your computer from using this!

OrbiTronics Matrix Run – This was an attempt by me and a visitor to my earlier site to go through a 3rd Edition Matrix Run, step by step, full descriptions, dice rolls, the whole sandwich

Patron Dragon 2009 – This was an adventure that I’d written to start off a new Shadowrun campaign

Matrix QRLs – This is an extensive Quick Reference List for all thing Matrix.  It includes everything from the core rule book (3E) and the Matrix sourcebook.  It is intended to speed up matrix runs quite a bit

SOLA – Aztlan – Final Draft – This is part one of three, and includes never published material for the last third edition sourcebook, Shadows of Latin America, which unfortunately never saw the light of day

SOLA – CaribLeague – Final Draft – This is part two of Shadows of Latin America

SOLA – Other Info – Part three of Shadows of Latin America

Rescue in the Snow – An adventure that turns a rescue into a manhunt… and you’re the one being hunted

15030200-Cp2020-Chrome-Books-14-Shadowrun-Conversion – This converts all material from the Chromebooks for Cyberpunk into Shadowrun 3 – These were NOT created by me

Shadowrun_Fifth_Edition_Quick-Start_Rules – These are the free Quick Start Rules for Shadowrun, 5th Edition

Blackjack’s People Volume 1 – 1 of 2 third party source books with dozens of fleshed out NPC’s – This and volume 2 were NOT created by me

Blackjack’s People Volume 2 – 2 of 2 third party source books with dozens of fleshed out NPC’s

IncreasedReflexesV2 – When they published the 3rd Edition, they unintentionally broke the magic system somewhat.  This is an attempt to fix at least one glaring break

Full Auto Rules – I absolutely hate the full auto rules in 3rd Edition.  This is one of two attempts to make it better

Full Auto Fire alternative 2 – In case the first one doesn’t work out…

Homo Sapiens Felix – My attempt at adding another player character race, based on events that transpired in Year of the Comet

FnPr-SR_QuickStart – This is the Third Edition version of the quick start rules, back when FanPro owned Shadowrun

Racing Flames – A spell I created using the rules in the 3rd Edition magic sourcebook

Riggerjack – An (unfinished) attempt at scaling back the absolutely outrageous costs of being a Rigger in SR3

Shadowrun Timeline – This timeline was taken from the Shadowrun Wiki, and cleaned up

Smoke and Mirrors – Another spell created by me to help overcome the line of sight problems with sorcery

SRSheets31 – A great character sheet collection

Weapon Reliabilities – Another (unfinished) attempt by me to add reliability rules for weapons to SR3.  I like them, but everyone else seems to not