The Humans of Millenia

I’d like to take some time to talk about the Humans that inhabit Millenia, but before I get started I’d like to spell out a couple of things to prevent misconceptions.

First, “Millenia” is just the name I’m calling my setting for now until I think of a proper name for it. Second, the timeline I’m using is one thousand years prior to the “default” D&D setting as it is presented in 3.5 or 5th Edition. Third, the landmass I’m using is the main continent of the Forgotten Realms, on Faerun.  In case you haven’t already read it, see the post entitled “A Millenia Before Waterdeep” for details on what I’m talking about here.

The first Humans to step onto the shores of Millenia came from across the western sea, from a southern continent that they call Maztica. The rocky beaches that welcomed them will become the port of Waterdeep in a thousand years. Dusky of skin, and dark of eye and hair, the new settlers find themselves the newest of many strange races inhabiting these shores. Their language is fiery and emotional, and well represents their culture.

Within a hundred years, these former Mazticans have tripled in population, and settlements have begun to rise up and down the coast. This rapid expansion has caused some troubles between the Millenial Humans and the numerous Elves that rule the forests. As the Humans push out to take more and more land from the forest for farms and towns, the Elves have begun to question how much farther they can allow the Humans to spread. They have no idea yet how far that will become.

These Humans are proud and defiant. They consider this new land theirs for the taking. However, they brought with them a code of Laws that is like nothing seen here before. These laws are called the Book of Caro, as it was named after the King who sponsored it and the name also means “beloved” or “dear”. It has a grand scope, and exemplifies the best of what Humanity likes to believe it can become. The leaders of both the Elves and the Dwarves have taken an interest in this set of laws, and it is quickly becoming the paste that can bring together nations.

Unfortunately, the fiery emotional makeup of the stereotypical Millenial Human often betrays them when it comes to barter, trade, and commerce with the other races. They are fast to anger, fast to love, and very slow to forgive. This is why the wisest of their people came up with the Laws of Caro in the first place, to attempt to reign in their emotions and fulfill their potential.

The typical Human village or town is often a place of danger for those races that might be seen as “evil” based solely on their appearance. Tieflings and Half-Orcs especially must tread carefully in these towns. The Human culture, and the foundation for many of the Laws, are based on a carefully followed religion. However, that religion has for the most part been left behind on Maztican shores, as many if not most of the Humans who traveled east came to be free of the oppressive rule of the church.

Elves are treated with fairness, and a bit of wonderment. The Humans see them generally as beautiful, and in the Human culture, beauty is seen to be the same as good. The Dwarves, initially scorned for their short stature and brusque nature, quickly became very respected in Human communities for their fantastic skills at crafting with metal and gemstones. Most Humans can’t tell the difference between the rare Gnome and a Dwarf, and the Hin (halflings) are usually just thought to be children… an advantage to any Hin with scandalous intentions.

Unfortunately, Dragonborn so far that have ventured near Human civilization have been treated as monsters. Hopefully sometime soon a wise Human and a patient Dragonborn will be able to overcome this intolerance.

There are no known Half-Elves yet, although that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It is likely that if there are any Half-Elves, they are still young enough to be hidden by their parents.

These Humans have great potential for good, and they will most likely prove to be a major force in Millenia, as long as they can keep their own hot tempers in check.

NOTE: I have tried very hard to represent the Humans of this land as Hispanic, while trying to avoid any negative stereotypes.  I’m sick of every human in almost every RPG I’ve ever seen being portrayed as white, vaguely Nordic peoples, so I thought I’d give Millenia to the colonists of Maztica (the Faerunian version of South America/Mexico).  There may very well be some pale skinned, blonde Humans far to the north, but that’ll take some adventurers to go see.

If for any reason any of what I’ve written here is offensive, please let me know.  It’s tricky when writing about a culture you are not a part of.

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