I’ve done it!

I’ve finally figured it out!

I’ve discovered how to combine two very different role playing games into what could be the best “generic” multi-genre game ever written!

I’m not kidding. I think this could be it!

So here’s what I’m thinking: the Palladium role playing game system, specifically Rifts but I’m including the whole library, is pretty well suited for just about any type of role playing game scenario or situation you can think of. It’ll work well with anything from fantasy sword-n-sorcery, zombie apocalypse, far-future or space opera, to spy action, dark horror, or dark fantasy. I’m a big fan of the entire library and definitely of the system mechanics.

However, the only thing I’m not a big fan of is the skill system. Don’t get me wrong; the percentile system for skills works well enough, and you can find or easily create skill sets to cover just about any base. Unfortunatly, though, using a straight percentile system like that means that either you succeed or you fail, with no grey area and no scalable level of success. Did you just barely succeed or did you knock it out of the park? Yes/no, 1 or Zero, just doesn’t give me enough information or satisfaction.

So last night I was reading one of the older World Books for Rifts (Underseas, which is my favorite Rifts setting), and I got a flash of inspiration. In one of my earlier posts, I talked about the Marvel Superheroes FASERIP systems use of an “Action Table”:

The Action Table!

and how it covers really well the idea of gradated success. Depending on how well you roll, or more specifically how far under your target you roll on percentile dice, you can score anything from a ‘just barely’ to ‘outstanding success’. [EDIT: I have that backwards. In Marvel, the higher you roll the better. That would still work, as the higher your skill percentile you still have a higher chance at success. Also, it would take a simple reversal of the left column of the table to make it more compatible with Rifts] Why not combine that concept into Rifts excellent system?

The Palladium role playing system has a fantastic, comprehensive, action-oriented, kinda wacky combat system. Convert the skill system to use a modified version of the FASERIP Action Table, and I sincerely believe you’ve got a system that will cover all the bases you could need with a system that is genuinely fun to play, dynamic, and exciting.

I know that the Action Table would have to be changed a bit to cover a system that doesn’t go as far above 100, but that wouldn’t be a difficult task. And the other aspects of the Action Table could easily be incorporated to make the whole experience more satisfying.

You, dear reader, probably have a very different take on my idea here. You might hate the idea, or you might think “why didn’t someone think of this before?”. Either way, Please somebody gimme a comment on this. In case you didn’t already know, just about the entire FASERIP system, as well as TONS of fan made stuff for it, are all free to download legally at

I know I’m going to try this out on some unsuspecting gamers. I hope you do too. Please let me know how it goes?

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